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Product name: Tetra-caine hydrochloride
CAS: 136-47-0
MF: C15H25ClN2O2
MW: 300.82
EINECS: 205-248-5
Mol File: 136-47-0.mol
Melting point: 149°C
Density 1.1279 (rough estimate)
Storage Condition: 2-8°C
Solubility: alcohol: solublesoluble 40 parts of solvent
pKa: 8.39(at 25ºC)
Water solubility: Soluble in water at 50mg/ml

Tetra-caine hydrochloride is also known as ropivacaine hydrochloride, pantocaine, pantocaine and four ropivacaine hydrochloride. It is easily soluble in water and ethanol, but insoluble in ether, benzene. Tetra-caine hydrochloride is a local anesthetic with long-acting ester. In addition, p-rocaine is widely used in clinical, but because of its poor permeability and poor narcotic performance, a small te-tracaine was found in 1930 found.
Tetrac-aine hydrochloride can be used for topical anesthesia, and 0.05%-0.1% tetr-acaine hydrochloride can provide long-term and good effect of surface anesthesia. Meanwhile, tetr-acaine hydrochloride is still widely used in ophthalmic surface anesthesia, which has a long time for surface anesthesia and sensory resistance.

Tetra-caine hydrochloride is used as topical and local anesthetic.

General Description:
Tetra-caine hydr-ochloride is a local anesthetic drug and an ester derivative of p-amino benzoic acid. It acts by interfering with the entry of sodium ions into nerve cells and is one of the commonly used topical anesthetics.
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