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About Ganapathy Homam

Ganapathy homam is performed to get the blessings of lord ganapathi to bring success and fortune to remove negative energies from home. Mostly ganapathy homam is performed in new house to get the blessings of lord ganapathi to spread positive energy. Also performed to remove obstacles in life for moving to the way of success. Ganapathy homam can be performed to remove kethu dosha because lord ganesha is the planetary overlord of kethu.

Why ganapathi homam performed?

Ganapathi homam performed for many reasons. Let us discuss some reasons for performing homam.

  • Performing ganapathi homam for new house is done for getting the blessings of lord ganesha
  • For gaining wealth and victory
  • If marriage is not happened in correct age ganapathi homam is performed.
  • To remove obstacles from life

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Advantages of ganapathi homam

  • Ganapathi homam cures ailments like anxiety, depression and injuries
  • Ganapathi homam brings success and defeat enemies
  • Gives wealth and solves wealth related issues in devotee’s life.
  • Ganapathy homam is the foundation of any new business, occasions and work

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