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LDT-L200 Ladle Lining Laser Thickness Scanner

Overview LDT-L200 is a new generation of ladle lining thickness gauge launched by our company. The system equipment emits a pulsed laser beam to the lining surface of the ladle, and receives the returned laser light to measure its transmission time. Then the system equipment calculates the distance between the equipment and the target point according to the transmission speed of the

LGK-S107 Analog Heat Source Instrument

Overview: LGK-S107 analog heat source instrument (heating tool) is independently developed and designed by Wuhan CenterRise M&C CO., Ltd. This instrument is a heating and testing equipment used to test the performance of the thermocouples  installed in the mold in continuous casting machine. After the installation of the mold breakout prediction thermocouples completed, the analog heat source instrument is used to test these thermocouples before they go online. After the thermocouple is connected to the mold thermocouple detector,

ZST-P100 Online Continuous Temperature Measurement of the Billet End

Overview The system aims at the continuous temperature detection of the product obtained from the continuous casting machine. The billets and their surrounding environmental factors such as scale, steam, shielding and other factors, are considered in the scheme design and equipment selection. The accurate detection and real-time transmission of temperature during the billets movement are

LAG-S400 Infrared Converter Slag Detection System

Overview The infrared converter slag detection system uses a far-infrared thermal imager to monitor the situation of converter tapping in real time, and is connected to the main control computer in the electrical room through the conversion and transmission of video signals. The radiation intensity in the infrared wavelength range of 7-14um is different to

CPC-D100 CPC Photoelectric Strip Automatic Center Position Control System

The composition of the system The photoelectric strip automatic center position control system is mainly composed of sensors, amplifiers, PLC controllers, hydraulic control and other parts. System composition block diagram   The main technical parameters 1. Detection width: 300-2800mm 2. Detection light source: 220VAC. (100VAC) 30W. High frequency white light works continuously 3. Photodetector: precision die-casting components,

LDC-X200 Laser Wire Rod Bar Diameter Measuring System

Overview The non-contact diameter measuring system, is mainly used in the measurement of the outer diameter of various wire rods, bars, wires and pipes. The system can detect the change of the diameter (outer diameter) of the measured object in real time under the high temperature state.   The working principle The diameter measuring system takes the laser

WGS-L200 Slab/ Plate Steel Width Measuring System

Overview The WGS-L200 Laser Slab/ Plate Steel Width Measuring System adopts the principle of double laser triangulation reflection to process the online measurement of the steel plate on the roller bed, and combines the high-speed digital signal processing technology and programming software to process the signal correspondingly, and displays the relevant data and measurement curve, so

WGS-L030 Laser Velocimetry and Length Measuring Instrument

Overview: The WGS-L030 Laser Doppler Velocimetry developed by Wuhan CenterRise M&C Engineering Co., Ltd. is a measuring instrument for measuring the speed and length of the online, high temperature, and high-speed moving objects by using a high-precision laser Doppler velocity sensor. It is used to measure the speed and length of hot-rolled strips in rolling mills. The WGS-L030 Laser

IndustriaI Cable Harness for steel plant

Overview Our company focuses on the production and application of the cables in continuous casting steel production. We have rich on-site usage experience, which provides us with technical guarantees for manufacturing high-quality communication cables. For cables of different applications, we have different protection requirements, such as high temperature resistance, anti-pull, acid and salt spray resistance, slightly positive pressure heavy-duty connector, anti-oil pollution, anti-interference, etc.  

MOC-N300 Mould Oscillation and Deflection Detection Instrument

Overview The mold is a device that shapes the cast product in continuous steel casting, and it is also the core equipment and key technology of continuous casting machine. The main function of the mould oscillation deflection detection instrument is to detect the the mould oscillation table’s oscillation frequency, amplitude, deflection rate, phase, oscillation trajectory curve, etc. Through the detection and adjustment of the detection instrument, the